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Steps to a Proper Feng Shui Bed

During Feng Shui Consultations, customers often ask me to evaluate the Feng Shui of the bed and discuss the important components to look for when thinking about purchasing a new bed. We all know just how much better we feel after a good night is sleep. Following these ideas for a proper Feng Shui mattress can help you boost your power and healing opportunities. You will see improvements in all facets of your life, from your career to your health and your love life.


Allow the chi circulate: An Suitable bed should have legs, Ideally on every corner, elevating it above the ground. This feng shui consultation permits the air and chi to circulate under it, helping with the healing nature of remainder. This simple act of allowing the chi to circulate beneath the mattress can help with fertility and also health difficulties. Removing all items From beneath the bed also enables the chi to circulate. If you want that space for storage – maybe because you live in a small flat with few closets – it is possible to store linens and clothes in well-organized boxes or a trundle drawer. Avoid keeping weapons, sharp objects or anything metal beneath the bed. When you place the mattress From the room, it needs to be positioned so the chi can flow around either side. This report explains the control position that is the perfect place for a bed.

Size of the mattress: A Queen mattress is recommended above a King Or California King size bed for 2 reasons. A King size mattress leaves no room for updating. Because you have already reached the maximum degree, the only way to move is downward, so your next mattress may be to move to one bed. Additionally, a King Size mattress typically rests on two box springs, which may suggest a separation between spouses who sleep in the bed together.

Proper Headboard: A headboard in Feng Shui represents protection. It not only provides the potential for a relationship, in addition, it affects the equilibrium in an existing relationship. The headboard should be firmly affixed to the bed frame and made from one solid piece of material, either wood or cloth. Avoid sticks or headboards that divide in the center.

Footboard: Footboards are not necessary. Men typically Do not like footboards; some say it feels just like being in a coffin. Should you want to have a footboard, it ought to be no greater than the mattress. A taller footboard can restrict your trip opportunities.

Designs of Bed: Murphy beds, futons and day beds supply A temporary feeling, and are recommended just for use in guest rooms.

A four-poster bed Should fit within the area. I have seen many beds that actually require a much bigger space than that which they have. Canopy beds are fine -, space allowing. They may offer an additional sense of security for some. Keep the surface of the canopy clean; do not let it turn into a dust magnet.

In other words, Separate the cost from the Feng Shui worth of a bed. Buy a bed that is comfortable and feels right to you. No matter cost, your mattress should help you attain your objective of a quality, restful night is sleep, where you awake feeling refreshed and revived.