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A Billionaire Level Party Bus Amenity

If you were to think about the people that have the most fun in the world, the group that you would most likely end up thinking about is the billionaire club. People that have a billion dollars are so rich that they play a key role in shaping the global economy, and having this much wealth at your disposal often leads to you being able to enjoy things that regular people would probably never dream of being close to taking advantage of since it costs too much to be feasible for them.Party Bus

A party bus is a pretty common thing for party goers to rent out, but some buses are fitted in such a way that they have amenities that only billionaires generally get to take advantage of. For example, did you know that there is a Party Bus Washington DC that has a helipad on it? It might sound ridiculous but it’s true, and you can rent it for a price that really isn’t as high as you would initially expect!

A number of critics would argue that there is no actual benefit to using a feature like this since most party bus renters would not have the funds necessary to gain access to a helicopter. Regardless, a helipad is a cool amenity to have and it can bring up the level of luxury you can enjoy by a rather large margin. What’s more is that people that look at it would be quite impressed by what you have managed to pay for, so even if you don’t plan on using it you should get a party bus with a helipad so that you can get a glimpse of the billionaire lifestyle.